The Irish Immigrant Investor Programme is open to non-EEA nationals and their families who commit to an approved investment in Ireland. Approved participants in the Programme and their immediate family members will be granted rights of residence in Ireland which will allow them to enter the State on multi-entry Irish visas and to remain here for a defined period but with the possibility of ongoing renewal. The Irish Immigrant Investor Programme will facilitate participants, over time, in establishing a permanent relationship with Ireland.

Each application for an Irish investor visa will be examined on its merits in a qualitative examination by an independent interdepartmental committee. The investment has to be good for Ireland, good for jobs and in the public interest. The funds invested have to be legally acquired and owned by the investor (i.e. not borrowed). The person has to be of good character.

Irish Residency through Investment

Successful applicants to the Irish Immigrant Investor Programme can expect to receive residence permission for 5 years. An initial permission will be granted for two years and following a review at that point to ensure the Irish immigrant investor is continuing to meet the conditions of the scheme (i.e. the investment in Ireland has not been withdrawn, they continue to be law abiding and self sufficient), a further period of 3 years will be granted on their Irish investment visa. After this initial 5 years period, the investor will be free to apply for residence in 5 year tranches.

Holders of Irish immigrant investment visas are not required to establish actual residence in Ireland. The Immigrant Investment Programme is about rights of residence that the investor may exercise as their business and family needs dictate. No minimum residence requirement is set other than the stipulation that the persons concerned should visit Ireland at least once per calendar year.

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