Visas Ireland's management of the Irish Immigrant Investor Programme Application Process is swift, effective and professional. Moreover, Visas Ireland is proud to have a 100% Success Rate in acquiring Irish immigrant investor visas for our clients.

The Visas Ireland team of trusted partners carefully manages our clients' applications to Ireland's Immigrant Investor Programme using a streamlined process that comprises three simple stages.  


Visas Ireland Pre-Application Steps                                             

  • Investor confirms interest in the social housing scheme and signs the contract with Visas Ireland.
  • Upon signing the agreement with the solicitor, the following amounts are due:

    A. €10,750 (non-refundable) to cover legal fees.

    B. €40,000 (refundable should the application not proceed to INIS) project operation management fee.

    C. €1,500 (refundable should the application not proceed to INIS) INIS application fees.

  • Visas Ireland gathers all necessary information and completes the documentation.



Formal Application to the Irish Immigrant Investor Programme

  • The Solicitor reviews the documentation and completes the application forms.
  • On completion of the application forms the Investor pays Agent’s fees, Solicitors fees and the Government application fee.
  • The application is lodged with INIS.




Irish Investment Visa Approval

  • Within 3 months INIS approves the Investor’s application and confirms this in writing to the Solicitor.
  • The Investor on receipt of This Letter must lodge €1,000,000 with the Solicitor within a 2-week period.
  • Visas Ireland and Partners manage the on-going operations on behalf of the Investor.